Group EFT Supervision Services

Group EFT Supervision Services typically involves 90 minutes for a minimum of 3 supervisees. In these group environments, counselors are able to learn from one another, ask questions, and collectively contribute to their understanding and approaches to be used in the session. 

EFT supervision groups are often small and ongoing and can prepare you for EFT Certification. Groups are open to all couples therapists, regardless of competency in EFT.

Groups activities include:

  • Reviewing session tapes
  • Ongoing EFT supervision 
  • Helpful Roleplaying
  • Community support with other EFT therapists who’ve been there and done that! 
  • Hours towards Advanced Training and EFT Certification

Individual EFT Supervision with Laura C Spiller

If you’re looking for a qualified EFT Therapist supervisor, you’d be hard-pressed to find an individual more qualified than Laura C Spiller. With over 20 years of licensed clinical experience in treatment, supervision, and research Laura has seen it all! 

She was the director of clinical training for a Master’s in Clinical Psychology degree program for over 10 years and is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist and a supervisor candidate mentored by ICEEFT Trainer Sharon Chatkupt Lee and Certified Supervisor Karyn Bristol.

Dr. Spiller is the current president of the Houston Community for Emotional Focused Therapy, for the 2020-2021 term. Dr. Spiller currently offers both group and individual supervision appointments.

Individual EFT Supervision with Michelle Puster

EFT Supervision is not supervision towards or for a professional mental health/psychotherapy license in any state or territory.  All EFT supervisees/consultees are required to hold a full license to practice psychotherapy in their state or territorial location of practice or to hold an associate/provisional-level license and simultaneously meet legal requirements for professional license supervision in their location of the practice.  Hiring either Laura or Michelle as an EFT Supervisor or consultant does not contract me as a supervisor for professional licensure.